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The Forsythia plant is a deciduous flowering shrub that is easy to grow in any area. These fast-growing shrubs feature an upright, arching form that works well on property lines or specimens in the landscape. Forsythia is known for its long, arching branches that glow with brilliant yellow blooms early in the spring.

Forsythia produces their flowers before their green foliage, making the golden-yellow color extra vivid in the early spring. It's not uncommon to see blooming forsythia with a dusting of snow.

Bees and butterflies love forsythia as they are often the first flowers in the spring, and they provide a cheerful backdrop, border, or centerpiece for any landscape. The shrubs are conveniently deer-resistant and have minimal problems with pests and disease. Some smaller forsythia varieties only grow to 2 to 3 feet tall with a slightly wider spread. The larger types can reach around 10 feet in height and spread, making them ideal for privacy hedges or hiding utility fixtures.

Forsythia Shrubs Background

Originating in Asia, and introduced into European gardens in the mid-19th century. Not long after, American hybrids of this hardy spring-blooming shrub were introduced!

Forsythia got its name from Scottish Botanist William Forsyth, the head royal gardener and founding member of the Royal Horticultural Society. These shrubs are surprisingly a member of the olive family! In a research study done for the Arboretum at Harvard University, experts dive into this history and highlight the various cultivars of Forsythia throughout the decades and the role they played throughout garden history.

The golden shrub has been praised for its versatility both on and off the landscape- for the branches are used to bow a Korean stringed instrument, and the flowers have been known to be used for a wide range of medicinal purposes!

Benefits of Buying Forsythia

Provides Early Spring Color

The number one benefit of planting forsythia is the vibrant and astonishing color that it brings to the early spring landscape. As one of the first blooming flowers in spring, Forsythia explodes with bold yellow color as early as February! The flowers are profuse and cover the brown arching stems before the leaves even begin to sprout. For other early spring blooming shrubs be sure to check out our Early Spring Blooming Shrub blog!

Protects Local Wildlife

The next important benefit that Forsythia shrubs provide is a source of protection and sustenance to local wildlife. Small animals can utilize this shrub to take cover from predators, while bids enjoy consuming the yellow buds and blossoms!

Covers Eyesores In The Landscape

The last reason you might consider planting one of these golden beauties in your landscape is to cover large eyesores in the yard! Anything from bulky AC units to electric boxes and trashcans can be enveloped and made beautiful by a Forsythia shrub!

How to Buy the Right Forsythia for Your Landscape

There are many options when it comes to buying Forsythias online for your home or garden. Below are a few things to consider to help you decide which varieties will best suit your needs:

What Is Your USDA Hardiness Zone?

The first step to designating which Forsythia shrub is right for you is determining your climate and growing conditions. Gardeners in the United States can select from a tremendous array of varieties to find those that are adaptable to their climatic region, as well as the needs and requirements of their particular garden. If you’re not sure which Forsythia grows best where you live, find out using our Find Your Grow Zone Tool!

To determine which Forsythia shrubs will grow well in your specific grow zone, simply type your zip code into the Find Your Grow Zone Tool and let us do the rest!

What’s Your Yard Style?

Depending upon your own personal style, you can then move on to deciding which form and color of Forsythia is best for your design goals. While yellow is the most common option for Forsythia shrubs there are also more subtle versions of this endearing shrub like the White Forsythia! There are also smaller dwarf versions of this shrub like the Show Off Starlet Forsythia, perfect for small-space landscaping.

How to Properly Care for Forsythia

When it comes to growing and caring for your forsythia shrub, there is really not much work involved at all. The shrubs enjoy conditions of full sun and a well-drained soil medium. However, these shrubs are known to be readily adaptable and can tolerate various soil conditions. Once established, Forsythia can easily tolerate conditions of drought.

For a more detailed explanation of how to plant and care for your new Forsythia Shrubs, be sure to check out our Forsythia Planting Guide!

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Make your yard absolutely shine this spring when you plant this golden number in your yard! Forsythia works in a range of garden projects from yard borders, to focal points!

Garden Goods Direct wants you to build the flourishing garden and colorful landscape of your dreams this planting season. We offer a wide variety of colorful Forsythia shrubs available for purchase online today!