Cherry Blossom Trees for Sale Online

Flowering Cherry trees are a very special category of trees for us. Being just outside of Washington DC, we look forward every year to the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival. Every year the DC cherry tree festival is a much-anticipated event that draws in thousands of people to our nation's capitol. The festival is held each year from late March through to early April. In our area, it is often the first event celebrating spring.

The Cherry blossom trees sold today are the same time-proven varieties that were gifted to the United States by the emperor of Japan. Cherry Blossom season begins in early spring, and the colors are a welcome sight after winter's long sleep. Cherry Blossom Trees are easy to grow and look fabulous planted in front yards across the country.

One of the earliest and most beautiful signs that Spring is truly here is the arrival of the flowers on ornamental cherry blossom trees, known as Sakura in Japan. Clouds of beautiful blossoms from the deepest pink to the most delicate white have captivated gardeners and artists alike for centuries.

When designing your garden – cherry trees are a great asset to use to accentuate a particular area – their unique shape, luscious pink blooms and bright spring display, not to mention their rich autumn leaf color, make them a good all-around investment as a statement tree.

How To Care For a Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry Blossom Trees are fairly low maintenance and have been categorized as a decently easy-to-grow specimen tree. It is best to plant your Cherry Tree in the spring. Ideal conditions for your spring flowering tree include a well-draining soil medium and a location that receives full sun or light shade. Cherry Trees are not very particular when it comes to their soil medium as long as they receive an adequate amount of moisture. For more in-depth instructions on planting and caring for your Cherry Blossom Tree, please refer to our Cherry Blossom Tree Planting Guide.

Popular Types of Cherry Blossom Trees

Snow Goose Flowering Cherry Tree

Snow Goose Cherry Trees are a bright end to winter every year. This outstanding show-stopper of a tree has beautiful white blooms with a soft pink center that really compliments the bright green leaves. It is a perfect addition to any small space landscape due to its slow-growing nature and eye-catching buds. They grow up to 30-40 feet tall and 20-25 feet wide.

Yoshino Cherry Tree

For a unique landscape addition, the Yoshino Cherry Tree brings an unmatched softness to any garden. Their pale pink flowers are a beautiful choice for your garden. Yoshino Cherry Trees have brilliant yellow fall color as well, creating visual interest in seasons outside of their bloom time.

Okame Cherry Tree

The Okame Cherry Tree is a Japanese flowering tree that is featured in the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. Their deep pink hue is a real showstopper. They grow to be 20-30 feet tall and 20-25 feet wide and sport some of the earliest blossoms of the year. Okame Cherry Trees also have showy orange and red leaves in the fall.

The Kwanzan Cherry Tree

The Kwanzan Cherry Tree is a lovely specimen tree that puts on an incredible early season display with masses of large, double, deep pink blooms highlighted by the bronze-red new growth. An upright, vase-shaped branching tree perfect for lining a street or driveway. Kwanzan Cherry Trees grow to be 20-25 feet and 15-20 feet wide. Their brilliant bronze-orange fall color gives them a multi-seasonal interest.

Other Types of Cherry Trees

Looking for a cherry tree with edible fruit? While technically all cherry trees produce fruit, trees bred for their blossoms don't taste anywhere near as delicious as the cherry trees developed for their fruit. In fact, the best way to tell the difference between fruiting cherry trees and flowering cherry trees is how elaborate their flowers are.

Fruiting cherry trees do not spend anywhere near as much energy on their blooms and tend to have very small, insignificant floral displays. Adversely, blossoming cherry trees usually have teeny tiny, bitter fruits best left to the birds.

If you want to enjoy a harvest yield of tasty cherries, try the Sweet Southern Cherry Tree. The Sweet Southern Cherry Tree or also known as the Barbados Cherry Tree is a high-yielding cherry tree that will give you plenty of delicious cherries in just about one or two years from planting! This fruiting cherry tree is a self-fertile tree and does not need a pollinator in order to produce fruit, however having two or more will definitely increase the size of your crop.

Will My Cherry Tree Attract Birds?

This tree's blossoms are a very important source of food for small birds including robins, cardinals, and blue jays.

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