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Dianthus sun perennials are fantastic additions to your garden if you want to achieve a classic look. These pink-blooming flowers are sure to catch the eye throughout the blooming season! 

Dianthus sun perennials are loved for their unique beauty, with fringed petals and grassy, blue-green foliage. Most varieties sport different shades of pink flowers atop wiry stems that appear in the summer.

Types of Dianthus Perennials

Garden Goods Direct offers four varieties of dianthus perennials, including:

  • The Dianthus Baths Pink: A mat-forming dianthus with soft pink, spring-blooming flowers, and grassy foliage
  • The Dianthus Firewitch: Another mat-forming variety in more vibrant pink, with a distinct scent, summer-blooming flowers, and deep blue foliage
  • The Dianthus Kahori’: A hybrid that grows more upright and produces rosy pink flowers in the late spring
  • The Dianthus Neon Star: Another hybrid with an upright rounded orientation and nearly fluorescent flowers that appear in the late spring

Why Plant Dianthus?

Dianthus flowers, also commonly called “pinks,” belong to the same family as carnations. With a spicy fragrance and characteristically pink flowers, these blooms are perfect for any garden, whether you want a container plant or something to go into the ground. Their small blooms give them a quaint feeling, while their bright coloration gives them a pop that catches the eye, especially when contrasted against their blue-green foliage. Whether planted in bulk or in small, contained quantities, these flowers are sure to create an interesting display.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Dianthus.

When choosing a dianthus perennials for your garden, be sure to select a variety suited to your area. Most dianthus perennials are suited to USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 8, making them unsuitable for some of the southernmost regions of the continental United States. Some varieties, namely the neon star and the baths pink, are also compatible with zone 9. Always check that a plant is compatible with your climate before purchase.

Beyond these considerations, choose the variety of dianthus perennial that fits your personal tastes and size requirements.

How to Care for Dianthus Plants

Dianthus care starts with learning how to plant dianthus sun perennials. These plants prefer full sunlight when possible and need well-drained soil to thrive. Fertile, slightly alkaline soil is typically the best. If you feel your soil isn’t fertile enough, add fertilizer as needed. For extra moisture retention, add mulch around the base of the plant, as well.

Dianthus sun perennial care is relatively easy. Fertilize each season, especially if your soil tends to be less fertile, and water as needed throughout the season, being sure not to overwater. Deadhead flowers throughout the blooming season to encourage new growth.

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