small calathea vittata in a white ceramic pot calathea vittata white stripes on glossy dark green pointed leaves
small calathea vittata in a white ceramic pot calathea vittata white stripes on glossy dark green pointed leaves

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Calathea Vittata

Calathea elliptica 'Vittata'

Calathea vittata feature crisp white stripes on glossy green leaves. This is a great plant to keep you company in a home office or to decorate your bathroom, since it will do just fine in low light environments.

Growzone: 9-11

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Calathea Vittata For Sale Online

Calathea Vittata has striking white streaks on its green spear-shaped foliage. This will bring color and texture to any low-light corner of your home. Calathea leaves move throughout the day, it can be enjoyable to see the new positions every morning!

Growing Zone: 9-11
Mature Height: 1.5 to 2 feet
Mature Width: 1 to 2 feet
Sunlight: Bright indirect light to low light
Water Requirements: Likes to stay evenly moist, let dry out between waterings
Uses: Indoor foliage; ornamental indoor plant perfect for low light bathrooms or other spaces with high humidity
This Plants Growzone: 9-11 Calathea Vittata Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Calathea Vittata

When buying your Calathea Vitatta, be sure to read the recommended care instructions to ensure a successful transition to its new home.

What light is right for Calathea vittata?

What light is right for Calathea vittata?

Calathea vittata plants are tropicals, meaning that their native habitat is in a humid environment with light filtered by a great green tropical canopy. Your calathea will trhive in your home, especially if it can live in a space that mimics that native humid environment. This makes them perfect for low light situations in your home where there is some warmth, such as a bedroom or bathroom. They can tolerate bright, indirect light, but direct sunlight can scorch the leaves if exposed for too long.

What is the best soil for Calathea vittata?

What is the best soil for Calathea vittata?

Calatheas like to stay evenly moist, so potting mixes that both retain moisture and have lots of drainage are best for your Calathea vittata plant. You can make a perfect potting mix for your Calatea vittata by either adding organic matter, peat, or humus to a dry potting mix (such as a cactus mix or african violet mix), or adding a bit of sand or cactus mix to an organic potting mix. Either way, when in doubt it is usually better to air on the side of caution and wait longer between waterings than to not wait long enough.

What kind of fertilizer is best for Calathea vittata?

What kind of fertilizer is best for Calathea vittata?

Calathea benefit from an indoor plant fertilizer used at half strength once a month for most of the year. Don't worry about fertilizing quite as often in the winter, when growth will naturally slow. (Even when they're inside, they know!) We recommend either a liquid fertilizer or a slow release granular formula, whichever one works for you and your routine will work for your plants. We recommend choosing quality brands, since there are many cheaply made fertilizers on the market that have too high of a salt index.

How much water does Calathea vittata need?

How much water does Calathea vittata need?

Calatheas prefer to stay evenly moist. While they can tolerate drying out a bit between waterings, it is best to only let the top inch or so be dry at any time. You also do not want to let the soil become waterlogged, since damp soggy soil can cause root rot. We also have found using filtered water is healthier for some Calathea, as the salt and minerals in hard water can overwhelm the root system as well.

Additional Information

Bright green and white herringbone patterns on the tops of the leaves are what will draw your eye to this beautiful plant. One of the more sophisticated members of the Prayer Plant family but also one of the easiest to grow. This indoor plant prefers medium to bright indirect light and will adjust its leaves as the light level changes during the day. 

Calathea vittata makes a good desk plant in the office, and because it moves and changes position during the day, it's almost like having a buddy in the office. It does like high humidity, so it's wise to occasionally mist the plant with clean, room temperature water. 

For those that don't know, Calathea vittata is a member of the Prayer Plant Family of tropical plants. Prayer plants have the ability to fold up their leaves at dusk. The leaves unfold in the morning as the light level begins to rise. This effect gives the plant the look of praying hands. 

Calathea plants are very sensitive to water quality. We recommend watering with spring water. The soil should never remain soggy. Watering calatheas from the bottom is often helpful. This is accomplished by submerging the pot in an inch or two of water and allowing the soil to soak up the water.  This allows the plant to be watered but does not soak the crown of the plant. 

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