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Kimberly Queen Ferns

Nephrolepis obliterata

The Kimberly queen fern is sometimes called sword fern for the shape of it's fronds. Generally Kimberly Queen ferns are easy to grow and thrive in low light areas. They can be moved outside onto a porch or patio just not in full sun.

Growzone: 9-11

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This Plants Growzone: 9-11
Kimberly Queen Ferns Hardiness Zone
Growing Zone: 9-11
Mature Height: 12 to 18 inches
Mature Width: 18 to 36 inches
Classification: Green Foliage
Sunlight: Bright indirect light to mostly shade
Habit: Cascading, dense
Flower Color: Does not flower
Foliage: Greenm tight fronds
Soil Condition: Must retain moisture
Water Requirements: Does not like to dry out between watering
Uses: Excellent individually or in a container or hanging basket, inside or out

Kimberly Queen Ferns for Sale Online

The Kimberly Queen Fern or the Australian Sword Fern is a more compact fern than the Boston or Dallas fern. Great for hanging baskets with its tightly joined fronds. Very Easy to Grow Indoors. It does equally well on a shaded outdoor patio or balcony.

  • Easy-to-grow perfect for decks, patios, and other outdoor living areas
  • Great container plant
  • Striking dark green fronds add tropical texture to any interior/exteriorscape
  • Low-maintenance, shade loving house plantĀ 

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Growing Kimberly Queen Ferns at Home

Kimberly Queen Fern can handle dappled shade, and indoors it just needs some light from a windowsill and some humidity. Kimberly Queen Fern is a classic houseplant for summer outdoors. It doesn't require much light, and handles even the shadiest spots outdoors. Kimberly Queen Ferns do require consistent moisture, and can not handle going completely dry. They also like a fair amount of humidity if kept indoors, making these ferns a fabulous addition to kitchens or bathrooms. These ferns are loved for the dependable, easy nature.

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