Boston Fern Plants

Nephrolepis exaltata

Boston Ferns have been adding elegance to homes and porches for hundreds of years. These look great as hanging plants or placed on a plant stand as a single specimen or grouped with other house plants.

Growzone: 9-11

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This Plants Growzone: 9-11
Growing Zone 9-11
Mature Height: 12 to 18 Inches
Mature Width: 18 to 36 Inches
Classification: Green Foliage
Sunlight: Bright, indirect light to mostly shade
Habit: Cascading, dense
Flower Color: Does not flower
Foliage: Green, flat fronds
Soil Condition: Prefers soil that will retain moisture
Water Requirements: Does not like to dry out between watering
Uses: Excellent individually or in a container or hanging basket, inside or out

Boston Fern Plants for Sale Online

Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) is a tropical indoor fern that is best known for growing in hanging baskets. They are versatile, easy to care for, and will thrive in partial to full shade. Boston Fern plants love humid climates and do well on porches, patios, and decks in the spring and summer. It is a weather resistant fern, so in the winter you can bring it inside or allow it to enter dormancy outdoors. Also known as the Fishbone Fern, the ornamental leaves resemble a fish bone and the long, green fronds grow into a dense, arching cluster. Boston Ferns require moist soil so be sure to water and mist your fern regularly. The Boston Fern plant's lush and elegant foliage has been used to decorate homes and gardens since the Victorian era, making it one of the most popular indoor/outdoor fern plants available.

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Full Description

Boston Ferns look beautiful in hanging baskets or mixed containers because they blend well with any color of foliage. They bring lots of personality to shady spots. Luckily, Boston can also handle dappled shade, and indoors it just needs some light from a windowsill and some humidity. Boston Ferns are a classic houseplant or hanging basket for summer outdoors. It doesn't require much light, and handles even the shadiest spots outdoors. Boston Ferns require consistent moisture, and can not handle going completely dry. They also like a fair amount of humidity if kept indoors, making these ferns a fabulous addition to kitchens or bathrooms. 

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