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No need to wait to order your tree or greens. During the check out process, you may enter your preferred delivery date in the notes section. Place your order today, sit back and relax, and we will make sure it arrives in the time frame you specify. Delivery is available Monday through Friday, excluding Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, and you do not need to be home for the tree to be delivered. Delivery is available within the Continental 48 United States. We will begin shipping trees and greens the week of 11/25.

Tips for Caring for Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

When your live Christmas tree arrives, it’s essential you unpack them without delay. We recommend making a straight cut along your tree’s base — aim to remove at least half an inch, as this will eliminate any natural seal that would prevent water uptake.

Place your Christmas tree into a stand that fits its bases and has a water reservoir. The reservoir should hold at least one quart of water for each inch of your tree’s stem diameter. Avoid forcing your Christmas tree into its stand, whittling its sides or drilling into its base, as these actions will affect its water uptake.

Once your Christmas tree is settled in, make sure its base remains submerged in water.

How to Keep Fresh Cut Christmas Trees Alive Longer

Extending your Christmas tree’s life is possible — it only takes some tender loving care. Dry conditions are often the cause of live, fresh cut Christmas trees dying early, which is why it’s important to limit their exposure to heat.

We recommend placing your Christmas tree away from heat sources, including sunlight. Decreasing the temperature of the room can also ward off drying out. LED lights, which are cooler than incandescent ones, are also a technique for keeping your Christmas tree alive longer.

Why Choose Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees offer several benefits over artificial Christmas trees. First, they have a beautiful aroma that varies by the type of tree you pick. 

The varieties of live, fresh cut Christmas trees also cater to your needs. The white pine Christmas tree, for example, is ideal for those with allergies, while the Fraser fir Christmas tree is an excellent choice if you want to spend more time admiring your tree and less time picking up its needles.

Buy Fresh Cut Christmas Trees From Garden Goods Direct

Every Christmas is a little different from the last because each fresh cut Christmas trees is unique — and we know. Our nursery experts raise each of our Woodie-approved Christmas trees from seed, nurturing them until they’re the best fresh cut Christmas trees available online.

Ready to light up your home with the unmatched beauty of our Christmas trees at Garden Goods Direct? Buy your fresh cut tree online today!