Top 10 Gifts for Mom this Mother's Day

Top 10 Gifts for Mom this Mother's Day

Apr 20, 2021

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Plants are not only a popular gift for their sentimentality but their ability to last a lifetime. For Mother's Day this year, give your mom something she can cherish every time she looks out to her beautiful garden. That rose bush or hydrangea shrub you two planted together will become a symbol of your family bond and love for one another. You can watch it grow over the years or cherish it for the growing season in all its glory. Spending time outdoors is one of the activities we can still share safely with our family in these trying times. This Mother's Day, get together with your loved ones and plants a new garden to symbolize new possibilities that are just around the corner. To help you decide what to get for your mom this year, here are our top 10 most popular gift ideas:

1. Annuals

Annuals as gifts are like a nice little treat for your mom to enjoy from seed to flower to seed within one growing season. The most common category of annuals is hanging basket plants. From petunias to lantanas to calibrachoa, these annuals work beautifully as hanging basket plants due to their trailing growth habit. Other annuals include Begonia, Glacier Ivy, Portulaca, and many more offered at Garden Goods Direct. Some annuals can be either an annual or a perennial depending on where you live in the country. Some plants are annuals when they are in colder climates and are perennials in warmer climates. We recommend checking what growing zone you live in so you can purchase the right plants that will thrive in your garden.

fuchsia, petunia, geranium

2. Gardenias

Loved for their intoxicating fragrance and white flowers contracting leathery green leaves, gardenias are the perfect ornamental shrub to give your mom for Mother's Day. A great selling point on these is, if you don't quite know what color flowers your mom likes or what is already in her garden, a white flowering shrub is the best option to choose. White flowers can go virtually anywhere. She can plant them as hedges, along her sidewalk, at her entryway, the options are endless. For example, low-growing spreading cultivators, such as Radicans, are beautiful when placed as groundcovers or in borders.

3 white gardenia pictures in a row

3. Potted Plants

 Potted plants, especially potted house plants, make great gifts that are virtually foolproof. This gift is two-in-one because not only is your mom getting a beautiful plant, but a perfect pot along with it. A potted houseplant can go anywhere in her home and will always be a sweet reminder that you gave her this gift every time she passes by. There are tons of plants to choose from, such as Snake plants, Chinese money plants, Pothos, Aloe Vera, and many more. Say your mom lives in an apartment and doesn't have a garden of her own buying her a potted plant would be the perfect alternative so she can still enjoy live plants in the comfort of her home.

snake, Pothos, Chinese money plants

4. Floral Illusion Vase

We bet your mother has never seen this kind of vase before! This 3-inch glass vase attached to a clear suction cup will stick to any clean glass surface. They are perfect for miniature bouquets or propagating cuttings of her favorite plants. They look especially lovely on a mirror or a window as a focal piece. You could buy her a few at a time and she could place them all around the house to be reminded of her beautiful flowers and great present she got for Mother's Day. 

flower illusion vase with pink flower and blurred background

5. Hydrangeas

Loved for their class beauty and masses of small flowers, Hydrangeas are a must-have in any garden. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit any garden's aesthetic. These shrubs are such an effortless way to enhance the curb appeal of your home and will last for years to come. Depending on the soil conditions and acidity level, your mom's hydrangeas could turn new colors each year, making them a beautiful surprise every time they bloom. Not only are these flowering shrubs beautiful, but they are highly tolerant of varying soil types and are easy to cultivate. Plus, your mom could even cut some flower clusters off her shrub and make a beautiful flower arrangement in her home to add color and sweet fragrance.  

blue-purple, pink, light blue hydrangea shrubs

6. Gardening Gloves

Not sure what kind of plants your mom loves in her garden? Or, does your mom already have all the plants she needs? Either way, a pair of gardening gloves is a nice and easy gift to give your mom this year. We offer Ladies Wonder Grip garden gloves that are lightweight and comfortable. They come with dipped palms to ensure you don't lose your grip while working hard in the garden. We offer three different colors: purple, blue, and pink. Gardening gloves are a must for any gardener for safety purposes, plus they keep any fresh manicure nice and clean from any soil or other garden grub.

 womens gardening gloves

7. DIY Terrarium Kit

A cute and trendy gift to give mom this year is her very own DIY Terrarium kit. The kit includes a glass container with a lid, hydro stones for drainage, green moss, and soil mix. All she will have to do is add her incredible personality to it with plants, succulents, and any decorations her heart desires. Suitable plants for a terrarium thrive in high humidity and confined spaces. The kit could be the perfect activity for you and her to complete together! You could even make the terrarium yourself and give the finished product to her as a gift. This would be a one-of-a-kind, made by you gift to her. Who doesn't love a personalized gift to say "I love you."

terrarium kit start to finish

8. Tea Rose Bushes

Like all mothers, roses are the epitome of beauty and luxury and deserve the spotlight in any garden. Tea Rose bushes are a harmonious crossbreed between tea roses and hybrid perpetual roses. Their elegant, long stems and fragrant full blooms come in a variety of colors. Beautiful both when planted in the garden, or cut and arranged, these roses regarded as the most popular roses. They look beautiful when planted in a garden and grow upwards of 5 to 6 feet tall. Plant them among other shrubs and perennials to add extra pizazz for all your guests to see. Plus, these flowers are beautiful when cut and arranged into a flower arrangement and displayed in your home. You can choose from a wide range of colors 

pink, red, yellow tea rose bushes

9. Mandevilla Plant

Mandevilla plants will add a pop of tropical paradise to your mom's garden for her to enjoy. These flowers are known for their trumpet-shaped, bi-color flowers complimented by blue-green foliage. Mandevilla is well-loved for its resistance to deer and rabbits and ability to attract pollinators. These plants do best in warm and humid weather and are decently low-maintenance vining plants. They grow well with other flowers and grow upwards of 20 feet tall. Mandevilla can also thrive in containers and planter beds, making them work in any location in her landscape.

red, yellow, pink Mandevilla

10. Fruit Tree

Fruit trees are both beautiful and functional additions to any landscape. Fruit trees are covered in stunning blooms, lush foliage, and tasty fruits that are a worthwhile investment for any garden. Buying your mom a fruit tree will be a sweet treat every year when she harvests and enjoys the memory of you giving her this gift. Fruit trees can grow peaches, apples, cherries, berries, grapes, pears, and even avocados! There are so many options you are bound to find one that your mother would love to grow as her very own source of fruit. Create an outdoor space that she can share with friends, neighbors, and loved ones for years to come.

peach, apple, key lime fruit tree