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Best Early Spring Flowers for your Landscape

The days are getting longer. Buds swell on once dormant branches. Green crocus sprouts rise from the earth as if to greet the sun making its way back to the northern hemisphere. Looking out your window into the late winter garden, you can tell it's still brisk outside, but as your eyes scan across the yard you feel the anticipation with the first signs of spring. Upon us now are the times where we daydream about the season to come at the first signs of spring. 

In the days and weeks just ahead your garden plants will awaken from the long winter sleep, and a new season will be upon us. One of the most beautiful things about nature is its rhythm and harmony if you paying attention. Where for every season, there are plants that are at their peak interest and on full display. And for every plant, there is a season" when they are in their prime, and help to define the garden over time. 

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